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Joining and Sealing High Temperature Gas Separation

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005
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  • Original Grant - Nov 5, 2004
Applications Due:

Nov 30, 2004

total funding: Not Available
max award: none
min award: none
cost sharing, matching: No
number of awards: Not Available
type of funding: Grant

NOTE: Please read the Master Funding Opportunity
Announcement for complete
evaluation criteria and instructions on how to prepare your application.

Applications which fit the following description should be submitted under
funding opportunity title of Joining and Sealing High Temperature Gas
Separation Membranes (DE-PS26-05NT42244-08).

One of the enabling technologies required for high efficiency, low
fossil energy conversion is the development of sealing materials for
hermetically joining the inorganic membranes used in high temperature gas
separation to the underlying support structure of the separation device.
Ceramic membranes, which have operating temperatures between 250 and
1000 degrees C,
are attracting increasing attention because of their technological
in high temperature gas separation and membrane reactor processes.
However, in
order to fully exploit the unique properties of these advanced ceramics,
ceramic membranes must be sealed to a dense ceramic or a metal support
structure. Commonly used seals are not suitable for these applications
their heat resistance is ineffective above 400 degrees C. Therefore, grant
applications are sought to develop inorganic materials with high melting
that can be used for sealing the ceramic membranes at high temperatures
(greater than 600 degrees C). For good sealing results, the seals must be
tailored to
obtain suitable wettability, viscosity, chemical inertness, thermal
expansibility, and bonding strength. The sealing of these ceramic
should achieve a success rate of nearly 100% if correct sealing procedures

Who can apply:

Anyone/General Public
Other Private Institution/Organization
Private Institutions Of Higher Education
Public And State Controlled Institutions Of Higher Education

Eligible functional categories:
Funding Sources:

University Coal Research

More Information:

here to view the Opportunity

If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: using this

If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: JoAnn

Address Info:

U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology
Laboratory, 3610 Collins Ferry Road (MS-I07) P.O. Box 880 Morgantown, WV

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